We’re not afraid to try something different and put ourselves out there.

Daring to try new things in order to be best in show. Daring to say ‘I told you so’ when things go right, and hold our hands up when we get it wrong.

We know we don’t have enough female DJs in our venues, so we’ve dared to fix this by signing up for Smirnoff’s Equalizing Music initiative, and are committed to making the change.

A new bar and nightclub concept with a Shoreditch-vibe? We dared. And it paid off. Bar & Beyond is a roaring success.

So what will you bring to the party (the best one in town, of course)? We want to hear your daring ideas and how you can create a buzz as a REKOM UK employee.

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We have a crazy amount of talent in our company, and it’s our job to nurture that. Want to progress your career? We can help. Got an exciting new idea that you want to share? We’re listening. Having a tough time? We’ve got your back.

And we don’t just support you – our teams support each other. The support centre at the HUB is dedicated to making sure the guys on the ground have everything they need to deliver the night out that dreams are made of.

There’s fun stuff too – what better way to support the launch of a new REKOM UK club bursting onto the scene than to get your VIP wristband on and dance the night away!

Not forgetting our REKOM UK Conference where we celebrate the best of the best and reward our best performers of the past 12 months.

Want to be part of that?

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Excitement is the name of the game, and how better to inspire that in our guests than by living and breathing it ourselves?

Always striving to be one step ahead, to develop new concepts and constantly looking forwards, we want to inspire this social media generation to shout about us, rave about us (and with us!) and inspire their friends to join us too.

Constantly reinventing ourselves – transforming Oceanas into PRYZMs and giving our guests a futuristic clubbing experience, bursting with inventiveness – we’re inspiring a generation to celebrate with us, laugh with us, lose themselves in our music and live an experience they won’t forget.

And this energy comes from our staff. They come up with the ideas. They put them into practice. They make them work. They perfect them. And then they go again.

What could you inspire us to do?

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If we have a new idea, we don’t wait for somebody else to act on it first – we just do it. We aren’t afraid to lead the way and take control.

We roll with trends, but we create them too. We’re not scared to take calculated risks.

From the ground up (literally) with standing desks in our office, right up to huge-scale national tours in partnership with our suppliers, if you’ve got an idea, we’ll break down barriers to help you make it happen – from concept to execution.

Go big, go bold, it’s what we’re all about.

If you’ve got vibrant ideas and you’re ready to dive in, get in touch.