It takes a talented team to run a successful club – from bar staff, hosts, chefs, sales executives, assistant managers and general managers, all the way up to the regional director – each person is a vital cog in the wheel.

So who are they?

The Regional Director

In charge of one of our five regions, the RD leads the development of the business and supports the management teams with marketing, sales and much more.

The General Manager

The face of the venue, the GM maintains overall responsibility for their club. Including driving revenue, recruitment & payroll control, venue standards, music trends, liaising with local authorities – a general manager’s work is never done!

Support Manager

Supporting the general manager in the day-to-day running of the venue, our assistant and deputy managers can be responsible for anything from delivering company initiatives, maintaining operating standards, recruitment and much more.

Sales Manager

Reporting to the sales director, our sales managers are responsible for a team of sales executives with a big emphasis on pre-booked revenue.

Front line staff

Our bar staff, floor staff, promotions crew, sales executives, hosts and kitchen staff are our essential people on the ground. Guest-facing and with an eye for a good time, these guys deliver what we do best – fun!