Deltic Apprenticeships: Looking back and looking beyond….

Deltic’s Learning & Development Manager, Ollie Jordan looks back at the start of our apprenticeship programme and beyond, to the future of the scheme…

“When I joined Deltic back in September 2017, an apprenticeship pathway was just a vision, but now two and a half years on, the vision is a reality.

The initial set up of our programmes were in conjunction with HIT training and following a couple of days of sitting in a room with the Deltic job descriptions and the newest hospitality apprenticeship standards, we were able to create a pathway which would allow for staff to develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours and develop themselves as an individual within our business.

The programme was designed to incorporate a blended learning approach, with the regular tutor/assessor visits from the HIT team, supported via bespoke workbooks to us here at Deltic as well as bespoke workshops that our candidates would attend and learn alongside of their peers. These are great learning days as candidates get to experience how certain aspects vary within the other brands across the Deltic estate.

Fast forward to the current time and as with any good programme we have reviewed and developed, and one of the main changes has seen the introduction of Deltic Digital Workshops (DDWs). Alongside HIT training we are looking to embrace the use of technology in our delivery as well as reduce the time spent out of our venues for programme delivery and also travel time and costs.

The format of a DDW will be that you will be via a log in link from HIT training to access the session, your tutor will be available on webcam and will also be able to share their screen and resources  – Deltic candidates can either access the session via web cam and microphone or they can access the material on the PC and use a phone to hear/speak within the session, and these have been embedded into both our level 3 and level 4 programme

So far we have seen 17 (14 in England and 3 in Wales) completions across level 2 and 3 programmes, with our first level 4 candidates about to enter their end point assessment (EPA) window, of these we have over 50% of staff achieving distinction rate for their programmes , but the highest grade in Wales is a pass, so you could say that approx. 70% of our candidates are achieving the highest grade possible for their programme.

Alongside the completions we have also seen 21 staff receive a promotion either during or after programme, so the evidence is there that the pathway is working, and that hospitality management is a viable career path.

We are looking at ways to develop apprenticeships beyond the current management pathway within the clubs and bars. We have piloted a team leader programme aimed at the development of our sales managers, the current candidates are again either within or nearing their EPA, and we will review this programme and look at ways to make this better to launch again. We have following the openings or the three eden venues, invested into the production chef apprenticeship route, which will run in conjunction with the HIT Chef academy, which is a fantastic addition to our offering.”