We’re passionate about de-bunking myths surrounding the late-night industry and our apprenticeship programme is helping us do exactly that.

You can’t have a long or credible career in the late-night hospitality industry”

Apprenticeships are just for school-leavers”

Not so.

We’re committed to training and retaining talent – of all ages and levels – and offer a Bars & Clubs Management Apprenticeship Programme, aimed at equipping employees with the skills and qualifications they need to enjoy a long and fulfilling career in the late-night industry.

Designed with REKOM UK job roles in mind, apprenticeships involve a mix of on-the-job training, e-learning, classroom training, presentations and assessments.

We offer a range of qualifications including: (click for details)

L2 Hospitality Team Member

L3 Hospitality Supervisor

L3 Sales Leader

L4 Hospitality Manager

L5 Operations Manager

With several of our apprentices having achieved manager roles, we’re already creating leaders of the future.

Equipping our apprentices with lifelong skills and qualifications – a lifelong career in the late-night sector is theirs for the taking.

But don’t take our word for it – have a look at some case studies from our current apprentices.