Female DJs: We Want Change.

We have 317 DJs on our books. 7 of those are female.  We’re the largest nightclub operator in the country and only 2% of our DJs are female. And we’re not alone.  A sample study conducted by Thump found that only an average of 17% of music festival headliners around the world are female.

We know this isn’t good enough, and we want to change it. That’s why we’re teaming up with Smirnoff and their ‘Equalising Music’ campaign in a bid to double the number of female headliners in electronic music by 2020. Through this we hope to inspire the next generation of female DJs to become our resident DJs.

As part of their campaign, Smirnoff are encouraging industry leaders to sign a pledge to work towards this goal, and the Deltic Group are proud to be one of the signatories.

We really want female DJs in our venues, and to ensure they’re being given as fair a chance as their male counterparts. We want talent to shine, regardless of gender and to ensure that we’re providing the best entertainment the country has to offer.

Are you a female DJ? Think you’ve got what it takes to perform in some of the biggest and best nightclubs in the country? Why not apply to take part in the Big Night Out Soundclash? Email david.curtis@delticgroup.co.uk with your details.